In fact, many celebrity or otherwise high-profile alcoholics are functioning alcoholics. They hide the addiction itself well as they navigate life in the spotlight, and few fans or onlookers realize the problem until the individual admits to it or gets themself into some sort of trouble. Not all alcoholics are homeless, jobless and living on the street. Many people with AUD live in nice homes, hold good jobs and take care of their family responsibilities. What it’s important for you to realize is the fact that they have a problem and need help. To hear about actress Claudia Christian’s experience with alcoholism, watch this video.

One of the indications that a person may be struggling in this area is the inability to stop drinking before intoxication. Even though they can manage their drinking so that it doesn’t interfere in their lives, they can’t control it once they start. During this time, the person will maintain their alcohol consumption and may drink heavily.

John Stamos Credits His “full House” Costar Jodie Sweetin With Helping Him Get Sober

As mentioned above, Robert Downey Jr. had plenty of opportunity to recognize the problems in his life. Multiple times he was arrested or confronted by friends or family, demanding that he see the trouble he’d gotten himself into and do something to fix it. Someone who has reached stage three of alcoholism is likely scared of living without alcohol since it’s been so long since they’ve been without it.

celebrities who died of alcoholism

One great example of a high-functioning alcoholic is Betty Ford, former U.S. first lady. While she announced publicly her ongoing struggle with alcoholism in the 70s, many had no indication or suspicion that anything was wrong. They have become adept at hiding their drinking and they may even be unaware that they have a problem because they don’t fit the stereotype.

Anthony Hopkins Avoided Being Consumed By The Stage, Unlike His the Dresser Character

Many cite alcohol as a gateway substance that led them to harder drug use. Lindsay Lohan, for example, claims to have first tried cocaine with alcohol. This points to an even more urgent case against excessive or consistent alcohol use. However, it is often compounded by co occurring drug addiction or abuse.

A recent study inJAMA Psychiatryfound that high-risk drinking for those over 64 was at least double that of the general population, and the number is increasing. Between 2001 and 2013, there was a 107 percent increase in the number of adults 65 and over with alcohol use disorder. “My advice to anyone who is struggling with substance abuse would be to be really careful because drugs can really take a hold of your life,” she said. “Everybody is different, obviously, but for me, the mixture of marijuana and whatever other drugs and sometimes drinking really messed up my brain. It really made me a completely different person.” Substance use disorder can affect one’s entire life, and throughout history, many have faced substance abuse.

Daniel Radcliffe Developed An Alcohol Addiction While Filming The “harry Potter” Movies

He even regularly highlighted these struggles as a part of his stand-up routines. In a 2006 interview with Diane Sawyer, Williams talked about the reality that drinking doesn’t always have a reason behind it, saying “It’s — not caused by anything, it’s just there,” Williams said. It lays in wait for the time when you think, ‘It’s fine now, I’m OK.’ Then, the next thing you know, it’s not OK. I didn’t realize I was in Cleveland.’” Sadly, Williams died in 2014. He was reported to have just entered rehab again shortly before his death. Even the most decorated Olympic athletes can struggle with addiction, including 18-time gold medalist Michael Phelps, 33. In 2014, after his second DUI arrest, Phelps entered himself into a 6-week inpatient rehab.

  • Holden himself died from bleeding out after he fell over inebriated and knocked his head.
  • All of these drugs can cause central nervous system and respiratory depression.
  • They may begin to rely on alcohol to help them have fun or to relax.

Both of her parents were alleged alcoholics and were eventually estranged from Demi. She has been married three times and has three daughters with actor Bruce Willis. Demi suffered a mental breakdown after her third divorce and still struggles with addiction. Some people will suffer severe withdrawal symptoms, which are celebrities who died of alcoholism more likely to make them relapse and go back to drinking. To avoid this problem, you need to find a detox center where you can get help with this process. Many rehab centers offer medical detox to help alleviate or lessen the worst of the withdrawal symptoms. The person will go through withdrawal symptoms as they detox.

Are Drug Use Disorders More Common In Young People?

Alcohol use is social and new and exciting, not yet a deeper problem. Not being able to stop craving alcohol after just one drink. Believes drinking isn’t an issue because they continue to perform well at work. He became a self-proclaimed recluse, spending time alone both in order to drink and because other activities simply didn’t sound as entertaining to him anymore. Excessive alcohol use can also damage brain cells, cause high blood pressure, and contribute to pancreatitis and nerve damage. Doctors can also give medications to slow down its progression.

While the alcoholism has gotten more serious in this stage, you can still reach the person. They know they need help, but they may be afraid to ask for it. If you can show your concern and help them feel safe in admitting they have a problem, you may be able to get them into treatment. However, it doesn’t always work if the person isn’t willing to take that step. It’s become such an intricate part of their lives that they rely on it to help them deal with stress, loneliness, anger and other emotions. Just imagine the person sitting at home at night with a bottle of wine because they have nowhere to go. Then, there’s the person who grabs a 12-pack of beer after a long, hard day at work.

Celebrities Affected By An Alcohol Addiction

His official cause of death was later determined to be ‘mixed drug toxicity’ consisting of alcohol and heroin. But to drink yourself to death, you really have to love drinking .

  • In recent years there has been a significant increase in overdose rates in the United States — particularly from opioids.
  • Check your drinking, and learn more about the benefits of drinking less alcohol.
  • In a 2006 interview with Diane Sawyer, Williams talked about the reality that drinking doesn’t always have a reason behind it, saying “It’s — not caused by anything, it’s just there,” Williams said.
  • Although Whitney enrolled in rehabilitation centers multiple times, it seems her struggles with drugs and alcohol got the best of her.
  • He later spent time at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison and has focused on staying sober since.

In 2012, Shepard told Playboy that he struggled with an addiction to drugs and alcohol. He said that from the ages of 18 to 29 he was a “heavy smoker, heavy drinker, drug addict, terrible eater, and philanderer.” “I was a singer already for like 10 or 11 years to mediocre success, and I was an alcoholic and a drug addict, and I sobered up and decided I didn’t want to be an artist anymore,” she said. “I was starting to get a little bit famous and it was destabilizing in some ways…so I thought, ‘What doesn’t exist in pop music at the moment?’ and it was mystery.”

Celebrities Who Survived Drug Overdoses

When Russell was caught by his agent doing heroin, he was immediately enrolled in a rehabilitation program for 12 weeks and has stayed sober since. Not many fans are aware of this Black Eyed Peas’ star’s rocky past. Fergie struggled with a drug addiction in the early 2000s and described it as “the hardest boyfriend I ever had to break up with”. Ben revealed in 2020 that he suffers with both anxiety and depression and said he used alcohol to solve his feelings of “discomfort”. Cory was reportedly skipping school to get drunk and smoke pot by age 13 and continued from then on to abuse illegal substances. As he admitted in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he had every type of drug thrown at him in Hollywood and found himself enjoying illegal substances and alcohol. Although he’s been in and out of rehab endless times, Charlie’s actually on the road to recovery now.

“I battled with addiction at a young age and got to the other side of that,” he told Haute Living in 2015. “That’s an ongoing battle. I think there’s a story in there somewhere about trying to find my way through that and making it to where I am today.” Keith Urban told Rolling Stone in 2016 that he turned to drugs and drinking in the late ’90s. She eventually ended up at a rehab center for drug and alcohol addicts when she was just 18. “That’s really why I got sent to boarding school aged 14 — to get sober,” she said. “I was a big drinker at the time. I would drink every day. I would drink alone. … I knew it was a problem when I liked it more than I liked doing anything else.”

It’s in this category that younger stars, like Demi Lovato or Daniel Radcliffe, first began falling into what became stronger addiction. High-functioning alcoholics are prevalent in the United States and all over the world. In fact, families often don’t know how to help them because there doesn’t appear to be a problem – because they’re still functioning well, there’s no cause for concern.

He realized only in hindsight that his drinking had changed his entire personality and ability to relate to others. Read great recovery stories, learn about the latest treatments, and find out how addiction affects yourself and your loved ones in our blog.

The toxicology report did not find traces of alcohol or common drugs in Johnson’s system at the time of his death. Anthony Johnson’s autopsy revealed his passing was related to years of alcohol abuse. The long-term drinking took its toll, however, and on January 9, 1995, he died from a gastrointestinal haemorrhage, a complication that likely resulted from his years of drinking. He was cremated at Golders Green Crematorium and his ashes were buried in an unmarked plot not far from his Perrins Walk home. Born in Torquay, he attended college in Cambridge and after graduating, created the comedy stage revue Beyond the Fringe. He also started a comedy club in Soho, Central London, which remained open until 1964. Billie Holiday is considered to be one of the greatest jazz singers of all time.

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