beaxy exchange
Have a blast with its fast processing speeds, 24/7 customer support, and great trading tools. The exchange also incorporates the ERC20 BXY Token which allows users to participate in staking in order to receive a 50% discount on trading fees.
beaxy exchange
When trading with Trender, you know the exact time and price level to enter and exit a trade based on the analysis performed by the artificial intelligence program. Crypto traders will also benefit from other smart features including charting detailed graphs for analyzing market movements. They have integrated Tradingview charting into the platform, portfolio management tools, full tax ready reporting and price alerts. Users with a certain portfolio value on the exchange can also benefit from the instant fiat deposits. Instant deposit via wire transfer and ACH will be an added advantage above many other exchanges with fiat gateway because their deposits can take up to 3 days. Beaxy Exchange offers it’s traders the best loyalty reward programs that allow them to earn up to 12% APR, get rebates of 30% on trading fees, and trade or own more of their favorite cryptocurrencies. There is an apparent scarcity in reviews regarding the cryptocurrency exchange company, Beaxy.
To further the Beaxy vision of making successful trading more streamlined and accessible, the exchange released Trender, a revolutionary swipe-based trading platform. Rookie traders no longer need to hang in the balance for years while they improve their technical analysis and charting skills. AI analytics do all of the heavy lifting so the Binance blocks Users user can focus on using the information to make an informed trading decision. The assistive trading tool takes comprehensive market analysis and distills it down to an easy-to-digest trade setup. Trender gives you a pattern, price forecast and reliability rating that you can use as a basis to open and close positions with confidence.
Now you can buy, sell, or trade Gunthies by just opening a free beaxy exchange account. When you Sign up today you will gain access to the GUNTHY-BTC trading pair on a secure, and compliant exchange. This is similar to Binance’s fee structure as well, which only offers lower fees than Beaxy for users trading more than 100 BTC worth of cryptocurrency a month. Beaxy is a brand new cryptocurrency exchange that aims to compete with Binance by offering a more powerful trading engine, more elaborate order type options, low fees, and excellent customer support.

Trade With Beaxy Today! has taken note of trader’s appetite for a wider variety of national fiat options that can be used to take advantage of global mispricing and foriegn exchange arbitrage opportunities. Many exchanges offer support for multiple national currencies, but no others provide access to them outside of the countries the currency is based in. For example, Coinbase offers cryptocurrency to fiat trading pairs for USD, EUR, and other national currencies. However, US clients of Coinbase can only transfer their holdings in USD. Breaxy Exchange gives access to multiple global currencies, ultimately giving traders more options and a higher degree of flexibility with their decision making.

Stake Bxy For Additional Reduction In Fees

For those concerned about trading fees, the Beaxy platform is powered by a token called BXY, which users can use to reduce trading fees by up to 50 percent. The trading fees can reduce to further 0.075% by combining staking BXY together with staking their earned loyalty points. Binance users can have an advantage of Beaxy users if they trade more than 100 BTC worth of crypto per month. Why Traders are Flocking to Beaxy Exchange is a next-generation trading platform that bridges the gaps between cryptocurrency and legacy finance.
That is the ability to transition between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies quickly and with low fees. Since launching in 2019, Beaxy, the AI-driven cryptocurrency exchange, has sought to help cryptocurrency traders build their financial future. They are driven by the belief that cryptocurrency is the future of finance and commerce. Cryptocurrencies are knocking harder at the door of the existing financial systems, and with the rise of the DeFi industry, cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly capable of democratizing finance and banking the unbanked. As such, Btc to USD Bonus has been focused on trader’s ability to safely transition between cryptocurrencies and fiat in order to partake in this financial revolution. Beaxy Exchange’s mission is to help cryptocurrency traders and investors build their financial future. The objective of the company is the creation of an accessible platform which will work as an all-in-one exchange, one in which the users will not need to access any other platform if they want to trade cryptocurrencies.

  • Check out Beaxy’s BTC to USD trading pair and create your free account today to access the only cryptocurrency trading platform that provides retail traders with the opportunity to take advantage of truly global fiat to crypto trading.
  • The company states that it will create a platform with an intuitive user interface which will allow exchanges from both fiat currency and cryptocurrencies.
  • Beaxy’s objective is to provide a sleek and elegance experience for all its users.
  • Also, if you pay the fees of the company while using its own tokens, you will be able to receive a discount of up to 50% when paying trading fees.
  • By using the Beaxy staking program, you will be able to keep your tokens in staking mode and earn discounts in trading fees when you use the tokens.
  • And understandably so, given its young tenure in the cryptocurrency trading industry.

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Featuring an unmatched user experience that is both powerful and elegant, Beaxy will be the all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange containing the tools and resources capable of supporting traders of every experience level. The token itself is an ERC 20 token and you can use them to take off 50% of your trading fees. They also offer helpful 24/7 customer support, high beaxy exchange trade processing speeds and high-grade security. Due to its relative youth, Beaxy may be best suited to people with a good understanding of trading digital assets and using exchanges, although the platform is set out in a way that makes it easy for new users to get acquainted. Below are a few of the advantages the exchange itself promotes on its website.
beaxy exchange
With the loyalty programs, you can receive monthly rewards based on the quantity of tokens that you have and in the transactions made on the platform. In order to trade on Beaxy you need to verify all of your details via a KYC check. Once you have been approved by the team, you become a standard user and have a withdrawal limit of up to 30 BTC a day! However, if you’re looking to be an active trader on Beaxy then you can stake your BXY tokens to upgrade your account. Turn your account into a Silver Account and withdraw up to 60 BTC per day as well as a 10% discount on trading fees by staking 50,000 BXY. The Btcoin TOPS 34000$ is an up and coming cryptocurrency exchange that aims to be an all-in-one exchange with a variety of tools catered towards the user to give them a better experience. Benefit from obtaining the ERC20 Beaxy token, you can use these to pay off fees and you can trade them for other tokens.

Start Trading

Beaxy is an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange platform that also features multi-tiered coin staking where users earn an amount of discount depending on the number of coins they stake. The cryptocurrency exchange, which is expected to launch this January, will be a “one-stop shop” for all things crypto with fiat-crypto pair trading, OTC trading, 26 order types and information for crypto newbies. The company works as a cryptocurrency exchange and it has many interesting features which will attract investors. One of them is the loyalty program of the company, which rewards for holding the tokens and keep using the services of the company.
beaxy exchange
The commissions offered by the firm are competitive while the fee structures and promotions are enticing as they provide more chances to earn and a louder bang for their buck. The review team clearly sees Beaxy as a cryptocurrency exchange platform worthy of checking out. The firm is registered in the Caribbean Islands with mission-vision centred on bridging cryptocurrency trade and legacy finance. To this cause, Beaxy claims to have enlisted the services of only the best of software developers in the industry to deliver state-of-the-art technology to conduct trades and other financial transactions through its own platform. Preliminary findings strongly suggest that the claims are not mere lip service, with affirmations coming from other users contacted by members of our review team. beaxy exchange plans to commence full operation during the week of Consensus 2019, providing you with cutting edge technology never before seen in the crypto space.

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